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CJ Lighting Concepts LLC
CJ Lighting Concepts LLC
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About Us

 CJ Lighting Concepts LLC  was formed by Mr. LD Jones in March 1990. 

 After graduating college in 1975, Mr. Jones became a Division Manager for Houston Stafford Electric a nationwide electrical contractor. Electrical design, estimating, managing personnel, customer service and project management were only a few of the skills that he performed during this time.


 Mr. Jones left HSE and started CJ Lighting Concepts LLC.  He was interested in the Energy Efficient aspect of the business. Mr. Jones witnessed the emergence of Fluorescent Energy Efficient Light Fixtures from Standard Incandescent Lighting. These cities and power companies required energy efficient fluorescent lighting, due to the fact that the fluorescents save energy, give more light and last longer than incandescent bulbs. The power companies required these energy savings projects and give rebates rather than building new electrical power plants.


 From 1990, CJ Lighting Concepts has done numerous projects for some of the Major Apartment REIT's in the country. Customer service is the policy at CJ Lighting Concepts. Give the customers the most light and the most energy savings for their money and complete their projects in a timely manner.



 Since 2009, CJ Lighting Concepts has been involved in the LED Industry, doing residential, commercial and industrial LED projects Nationwide and International. We now partner with the leading technology companies who specialize in LED lighting components and develop some of the best LED Lighting in the world. Mr. Jones also helped in the LED fixture design for many of these companies to help with the ease of installation. The techcology design of the LED fixtures developed by these companies have helped with the unique lighting projects where other companies cannot compete. LED global lighting solutions, solar roadway lighting and special application LED Lighting for military lighting and high end industrial lighting is part of our team development. LED optic design for Dark Sky, Light Intrusion and Special Projects that need attention to detail is part of our program.


 We help our customers find tax deduction and finance programs.  We also assist in Power Company rebate programs. 


 We offer LED Off- Road Lighting products. We sale these wholesale and retail. Private labeling, packaging and laser etching with company name and part numbers are available.


 Please contact us for your unique project or if you just have a residential, commercial or industrial project that we can provide you help and design.


 No matter the size we are here to help.




Mr. LD Jones

Phone: 254-546-0096

Email: cjlighting@cjlightingconcepts.com

 TJ Jones


Phone: 254-546-0096

Email: cjlighting@cjlightingconcepts.com


Bryan Beavers

Sales / Engineering

Phone: 254-379-5105- Waco Office

Email: cjlighting1@cjlightingconcepts.com


Bryan Beavers joined the CJ Lighting Concepts team, full time,  in 2009  in sales, engineering and marketing.

Bryan holds a degree in Electrical Power Distributation- Nuclear Electrical Start Up Test Engineer and is certified in Texas and Tennessee.

He has worked with Mr. Jones on numerous engineered projects since 1982.

Bryan is an asset to the company and brings many skills to the lighting industry.

Where to Find Us:

CJ Lighting Concepts LLC
202 CR 481E
Durango, Texas 76656

254/546-0096 phone

254/379-5105 Waco


What's New

Extended business hours

To accomodate our customers' busy schedules, we have extended our hours and are now open later.


M-F 8-5

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